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Bowl Abdominal Large


Bowl Abdominal Large


Designed for the lower parts of the body.

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Weight: 2000 grams. Diameter: 28.5 cm. Height: 11-12 cm.

Specifications: Designed for the lower parts of the body.

The character of the sound varies depending on the ringing stick used:

With a small & hard ringing stick, the sharp sounds will dominate, and with a
soft & thick ringing stick, you will have bass-sound frequencies.

This bowl is known as the father of the small abdominal singing bowl
and is a powerful tool to work the first and second Chakras; therapeutically it
is amazing to calm the mind and bring a sense of security and stability.

Additional information

Weight 2,000 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 28.5 × 11 cm


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